Ditch the doing of your small business marketing.

Marketing for Knowledge Experts

You know how important online marketing is to growing your professional reputation and showing your expertise to the world. But you don't really like doing marketing work. You're often frustrated with the tech involved. And you're not seeing any results.

What if your marketing actually made a difference?

Ignore HOW. Focus on WHAT.

You don't want to do marketing work -- you're an expert at something else.

You don't want crappy marketing -- because that's worse than no marketing.

You don't like dealing with all the tech -- ugh!

You're already producing content by writing, recording, presenting, teaching, consulting, coaching, photographing, drawing, designing or reading the stars. Just keep doing that. I'll help with the rest.

You have questions. I have answers.

You'll be surprised at how fast and easy it is to get started.

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Get read.

You have important things to say. Who is your audience and how are you talking to them? Get a premium email marketing platform and customized campaign run for you.

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Get it done.

You should do this and you should do that. Make a plan and work that plan... without doing all the work! Consult about new ideas, be held accountable for deadlines and get results.

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Get your solution.

Your mind is made up and you already know exactly what online marketing services you're looking for. So now you might be wondering, "Does she do that?"

Why me? Because HOW is important.

When I started my business, the marketing consultant I worked with kept telling me to forget the HOW and focus on the WHAT. Whenever we met, I would hijack our brainstorming sessions with frustrated statements like, "But I don't know how to make that happen!"

A couple of years later, I changed my whole business so I could focus on the HOW of getting online marketing done efficiently, cost-effectively and creatively for each client. I've been solving marketing problems for small business owners for over 18 years.

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Hi, I'm Linda Daley.

Happy clients across North America...

"Awesome to work with! Linda took my idea for a business and website and took it to the next level. What I was saying in words, she did with the visual website, creating an appealing experience that will attract customers and guide them to booking their first meeting with Write Now! with Jon Tattrie. Linda will be your new 'best friend' as she makes the internet work for you."
- Jon Tattrie, Write Now with Jon Tattrie

"I now question why I struggled all these years trying to incorporate all of my marketing needs - when it truly was just as simple as contacting Linda. She knows all the right angles, all the right wording and all the right combinations. She takes care of everything, while you do what you do best to make your business the greatest it can be."
- Holly Poole

"Daley Progress is an awesome company providing excellent marketing assistance. Linda helps me with my website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram marketing. Actually, that's not right - she doesn't help me...she takes care of everything!!! She offers advice and lets me ask questions in order to make informed decisions regarding my marketing choices when appropriate. Linda really has become a part of my team! I can't imagine doing any of this without her. I will continue to refer business to her and use her services without reservations!"
- Kimberly Vallance, Life in the Craft Room

"Linda is always willing to go the extra mile, figure things out, learn something new, and do whatever it takes to make her clients successful."
- Anita Kirkbride, Twirp Communications Inc.

"Working with Linda Daley has given me and my business a huge boost in terms of visibility online and through my website. It has resulted in more sales since the beginning of the project than I have experienced in my six years in business. Linda helped me to set up systems and processes for my online shop and social media platforms, as well as for my subscription service that I can maintain on my own going forward."
- Meryl Cook Engagement by Design

"I absolutely love working with Linda. She’s able to see opportunities and ways to improve my business that were blind spots for me. Initially, I just wanted some short-term help, but as time passed I realized how valuable she is and that I must keep her! She keeps me organized and on time with deadlines and reminders (so helpful when you are the boss and don’t have someone to report to!) and she is truly a kind, caring person. So glad our paths have crossed!"
- Carli Jeffrey, Your Brilliant Mind

"Linda and her company, Daley Progress, have helped me take my business' presentation style to a new level. My email marketing is elevated and beautiful thanks to her expertise, know-how, and finesse. I am grateful to have Linda Daley in my corner! You definitely want to add her to your team and into your marketing plans!"
- Natasha Marchewka, Voice Presentations Ltd.

Showing up is essential.
Showing up consistently is powerful.
Showing up consistently with a positive outlook is even more powerful.

- Jeff Olson -