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About Daley Progress Inc.

On a mission to help small business owners make better decisions about their marketing options, processes and implementations.

Since 2005 we've worked with a couple of hundred small business people to implement and maintain their online marketing strategies. Clients across North America depend on us to help them show up consistently online and delight their fans with valuable content.

I'm Linda Daley

I started marketing as a way to avoid selling.

Learning to create websites and newsletters is way more fun than cold calling and sales meetings - at least to me.

My friends - other small business owners - started asking for my help with their websites and newsletters and online marketing projects. Then they started referring their clients and friends to me.

Perhaps I'm an accidental marketer but I'm hyper-focused on small business.

The mass of online marketing options is overwhelming to even the most technical mind. Having so many choices can cause brain freeze... like when you drink a slurpee too fast.

Small business owners are busy people with a range of wants and needs. We're a great fit if your marketing goals are about building relationships and growing your reputation.

Here's what some of our clients have had to say about working with us.


Before starting Daley Progress in 2005, I worked for 25 years in logistics and operations in Halifax, Toronto and Regina. (LinkedIn has the details.) I moved back to Nova Scotia in 2002 to be close to family. After starting my own small business, I became actively involved with the local business community and organizations which support it. I'm a member of the Centre for Women in Business and 100+ Women Halifax. I teach several programs about small business marketing, and I manage email campaigns and websites for a couple of local charities.

Photo by : Chantal Routhier Photography (www.chantalrouthierphotography.com)

Linda Daley

Daley Progress Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Take care to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.

- George Bernard Shaw -