Limited Offer for June & July 2020

Accountability & Problem-solving Check-ins

Get the accountability you need to get things done. Get problem-solving and brainstorming when you're stuck.

What if you could end procrastination and perplexity and... make progress instead?

Conquer your marketing to-do list!

Many recent discussions with small business owners have me realizing... most of us are drowning in action items. And recent events have caused those to-do lists to grow uncomfortably long.

I've been asked for help so I'm jumping in with a limited time offer. (Also limited by my calendar capacity!)

For regularly scheduled one-to-one sessions, you get my undivided attention and expertise devoted to your marketing efforts.

  • choose 30- or 60-minute check-ins
  • via phone or Zoom - your choice
  • you pick your dates/times from available options
  • ability to reschedule (electronically) up to 36 hours in advance
  • this introductory pricing locked in for subsequent renewals, until Dec-31-2020

30-minute check-ins

Ideally, these would be once per week but you can choose your own schedule from my calendar.

  • Four 30-minute check-ins $145 +HST
  • Eight 30-minute check-ins $280 +HST

60-minute check-ins

Ideally, these would be every 2 weeks but you can choose your own schedule from my calendar.

  • Two 60-minute check-ins $135 +HST
  • Four 60-minute check-ins $260 +HST

Click that button and lose your shirt? Nope! You'll go to a page where you can choose your package and pay securely, then immediately book all (or some of) your appointments.

Mary Jane Copps and Linda Daley Sep2019

Linda Daley is my company's "secret weapon" when it comes to getting things done. Her creativity, reliability and deep understanding of my work, has been essential to the growth of my brand and my continuing ability to reach new markets, grow my audience and share new, exciting content. Everyone needs Linda on their team; I'm certainly very blessed -- and increasingly successful -- because she's on mine!

- Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady

Why me? Because HOW is important.

When I started my business in 2005, the marketing consultant I worked with kept telling me to forget the HOW and focus on the WHAT. Every time we met, I would hijack our brainstorming sessions with frustrated statements like, "But I don't know how to make that happen!"

A couple of years later, I changed my whole business so I could focus on the HOW of getting online marketing done efficiently, cost-effectively and creatively for each client. I've been solving marketing problems for small business owners for over 12 years.

Linda Daley content marketer

Hi, I'm Linda Daley.

Not sure but still curious about check-ins?

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