3 Spots Available Starting January 2020

One-year Content Marketing Makeover

You're a professional in your field. And you know how important online marketing is to show your expertise to the world.

But you don't really like doing marketing work and you're often frustrated with the tech involved.

What if you could relieve yourself of both the work and the stress? What if your marketing... just happened?

You provide the content. I do the rest.

This makeover package is designed to take your existing content and transform it into a marketing solution that you don't have to touch. Refresh your online presence with a brand spanking new website, a blogging strategy, an email marketing campaign, and... I do the work for a full year.

Here is what's included:

  • new WordPress website/blog (limitations/conditions apply), includes design, edits, updates and maintenance
  • customized blogging strategy
  • powerful email marketing solution
  • monthly newsletter/blogging campaign and associated social media posting
  • monthly phone/video meeting to discuss strategy, content and results

One-year Marketing Makeover Package: $5470 - 3 spots available

Bonus! Get all the apps for free.

That's over $800 in savings:

  • website hosting via SiteGround
  • email marketing via ActiveCampaign Lite 500-subscriber account
  • GeneratePress theme; BeaverBuilder and UABB plugins

This really will be fast and easy for you. No thinking about what tools to use and no learning how to use them. No signing up for accounts and installing apps. Ignore the tech!

Focus on WHAT. Ignore HOW.

You're already producing content by writing, recording, presenting, teaching, photographing, drawing, designing or doing something else creative. Just keep doing that.

Together we'll mine your expertise for content ideas and share those gems of wisdom with your growing list of fans. (Or simply, we'll brainstorm regularly, you'll create the content, and I'll do all the work to present it to the world.)

  • Be accountable to an established schedule -- because showing up regularly says something about you and your brand.
  • Reduce the stress of what to write about -- with monthly consults to develop new ideas and a tool to keep track of them.
  • Ignore how things will get done and what software is needed -- because I've got all that covered for you.

You have questions. I have answers.

You don't want to read all the nitty-gritty details -- at least not yet. We can cover your immediate questions fast by phone.

Why me? Because HOW is important.

When I started my business, the marketing consultant I worked with kept telling me to forget the HOW and focus on the WHAT. Every time we met, I would hijack our brainstorming sessions with frustrated statements like, "But I don't know how to make that happen!"

A couple of years later, I changed my whole business so I could focus on the HOW of getting online marketing done efficiently, cost-effectively and creatively for each client. I've been solving marketing problems for small business owners for over 12 years. In fact, I no longer feel the desire to do logic puzzles.

For me, the magic is in the HOW. I love the challenge of fostering a new idea from that first a-ha moment into the hands of people who will find it useful and interesting.

Linda Daley content marketer

Hi, I'm Linda Daley.

Mary Jane Copps and Linda Daley Sep2019

Linda Daley is my company's "secret weapon" when it comes to getting things done. Her creativity, reliability and deep understanding of my work, has been essential to the growth of my brand and my continuing ability to reach new markets, grow my audience and share new, exciting content. Everyone needs Linda on their team; I'm certainly very blessed -- and increasingly successful -- because she's on mine!

- Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady

One-year Content Marketing Makeover

Here's that price again... $5470

  • only 3 spots available
  • get premium hosting, theme, plugins and email marketing account for free ($800+ value)
  • payment schedule: $1950 to start, then $320 per month for 11 months (OR pay $547 per month for 12 months - this option is more expensive)
  • book by January 31, 2020, to get this package price with bonus hosting/plugins

You've made it this far...

PS: If you don't want a new website but do want everything else, book a call. After we talk, I'll create a Marketing Makeover Package with custom elements just for you.