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Newsletters and Blogging

Email remains one of the most effective ways to communicate with our target markets. But it's no longer as easy as it once was to get the attention of new contacts via email -- there's a lot more competition in the inbox.

The longer you delay, the harder it will be. Are you ready to start now?

How can an email newsletter help your business?

Building relationships is key to building your business.

You want to grow your reputation... and sphere of influence.

You need to be seen as an expert.

You have valuable information, products, and services that people want to know about.

You want to increase your fans, followers and blog readership - building on your social media efforts.

You should 'touch' your customers, prospects and colleagues on a regular basis.

Clients have said...

"...the easiest, most cost-effective marketing we've ever done!"

"I am getting rave reviews and feedback from my customers."

"I had a phenomenal open rate, and the newsletter resulted in many patients contacting me for further assistance..."

" first newsletter was a great success and I have received lots of responses..."

"Every month I get positive feedback on the newsletter, as well as direct business from it."

This is how we run your email campaign.

Initial Set-up: $595 Cdn, includes preparing & sending your first newsletter issue

  • Consult about your strategy, including schedule, design, format and content
  • Get your account set up to send email
  • Import your contacts, set up list(s)
  • Create a sign-up form to go on your website
  • Design a custom newsletter template to show off your brand
  • Prepare and send your first newsletter issue.
  • ActiveCampaign discount 15% on an annual subscription (ask me about plan/pricing options)

From there you can choose to continue on your own. Or you might decide to work with us ongoing.

Ongoing Campaign Management: pricing varies; quote provided

  • Keep you on track with reminders
  • Source images, if required
  • Assemble, edit and format your newsletter content
  • Check/proof via our established quality assurance process
  • Send to your list(s) per agreed upon schedule
  • Post to your blog and schedule social media posts
  • Consult with you periodically to review your strategy, discuss your stats, and identify and implement improvements
  • Tweak your design periodically to keep it fresh

We've prepared and sent out well over 3000 email marketing messages!


- Ann Perry Numerologist

A great newsletter is like a gift.

It’s opened with anticipation.

It’s personal and speaks to your recipient.

It’s about your recipient’s wants and needs, not yours.

It’s appreciated because it brings something of value.

It’s attractively packaged.

It’s delivered directly to your recipient.

There will never be less competition for people’s attention than there is today.

- Bernadette Jiwa -

I've known Linda for many years and have recently had the pleasure of working with her. She's always full of ideas, great to brainstorm with about newsletter content and was open to figuring out the details of a complicated newsletter system that I was determined to make work. All in all, more than pleased with Linda's assistance in switching newsletter platforms and getting up and running. Thanks for bending your brain to figure everything out! - Shari Tucker, Love the Way You Travel

Newsletter Planning Worksheet

Planning is the first step to understanding what you want to achieve and how to go about it. Complete this worksheet and then book a 30-minute call so I can answer all your questions.