Show the World You're a Rock Star in Your Field

Marketing Management for Knowledge Experts

You're a professional in your field. And you know how important online marketing is to share your expertise with the world.

But you don't really like doing marketing work and you're often frustrated with the tech involved. So far, your marketing efforts have had limited success because... you're not a marketer.

Refinement and Continuous Improvement

Hire me as your marketing manager and we'll take your online presence and transform it into a dynamic marketing solution. Put your marketing to work for you (instead of the other way around) in a way that helps you attain your business goals. As your marketing manager, I focus on:

  • doing the work of maintaining your regular marketing activities
  • strategizing and implementing new projects

Here are some of the things I help regular clients with:

  • website refresh/maintenance
  • content strategy
  • blogging
  • email campaigns and list building
  • landing pages
  • presentations, proposals, brochures, downloadable resources
  • social media scheduling
  • promoting online/offline events, such as workshops, courses, conferences, webinars

No thumb-twiddling here.

I don't sit idly by and wait for you. I become part of your team. And I think like part of your team - always alert to improvement opportunities and developing new ideas. I also keep you accountable for deadlines that we set together.

Tell me about your business goals.

If I can help you achieve your goals, I'll be able to give you a detailed proposal. If I can't, I'll tell you that.

Why me? Because HOW is important.

When I started my business, the marketing consultant I worked with kept telling me to forget the HOW and focus on the WHAT. Every time we met, I would hijack our brainstorming sessions with frustrated statements like, "But I don't know how to make that happen!"

A couple of years later, I changed my whole business so I could focus on the HOW of getting online marketing done efficiently, cost-effectively and creatively for each client. I've solved marketing problems for hundreds of small business owners over 17+ years.

For me, the magic is in the HOW. I love the challenge of fostering a new idea from that first a-ha moment into the hands of people who will find it useful and interesting.

linda daley (3)

Hi, I'm Linda Daley.

Mary Jane Copps and Linda Daley Sep2019

Linda Daley is my company's "secret weapon" when it comes to getting things done. Her creativity, reliability and deep understanding of my work have been essential to the growth of my brand and my continuing ability to reach new markets, grow my audience and share new, exciting content. Everyone needs Linda on their team; I'm certainly very blessed -- and increasingly successful -- because she's on mine!

- Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady

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