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Small Business Marketing Resources

Quick & Easy Content Creation Workbook

No more blank screen with a deadline looming. 5 NEW templates added - 15 in total! Simply select a template and plug in your ideas to quickly create fresh original content.

Relax! Business Messaging Tips for a Tech-Free Vacation

In collaboration with The Phone Lady and Twirp Communications, here's an easy-to-read guide to vacation messaging - for phone, social media and email.


What Are Your Small Business Blogging Goals?
If your answer is "increase sales", you've got that part right. But you should also realize that there's no direct path from one to the other. Choose 2 specific goals to keep you focused.

Content Strategies: Curating vs. Creating
Which strategy is right for you?

Simple Content Management Tool
Embrace your content with this simple way to get your arms around it, and keep them firmly gripped. (.doc file)

Original Content Makes YOU Unique
Give your readers something they can’t get anywhere else!

It Doesn't Have to be About You
Giving value doesn’t have to be about what you can do for your target market.

Research to Develop your Content Strategy
Activities to do regularly to develop your content strategy and keep it current.


The Outrageously Simple Formula for eNewsletter Success
What’s in it for your audience? Who are your readers and what would be useful to them?

How to Start Building Your First Email List
If you're getting started, this post tells you how... and who.

Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation
Learn about the legislation as well as how to protect yourself from spam and how to report it when necessary.

9 Ways to Personalize Your Newsletter
How to make your newsletter more personal and distinct.

How to Write the Introduction to Your First Newsletter
This is where you set up expectations about the value you'll provide.

Newsletter Audit Checklist (.pdf)
Whether you've been doing an email newsletter for a while or are just getting started, there are always ways to improve.

23 Things to Put in Your Small Business Newsletter
A quick rundown of a variety of different content sections you might include in your newsletter... but don't use them all at once!

Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.

- Andrew Davis -