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I just read your latest newsletter and in under one minute I had a great idea for my next newsletter. Keep prodding us along!

- Anita Hovey, Twirp Communications Inc.

Creating Content

10 Quick & Easy Content Templates
Every part of your business needs some type of content. And you need to develop content consistently to reap the benefits.

Simple Content Management Tool
Embrace your content with this simple way to get your arms around it, and keep them firmly gripped. (.doc file)

Original Content Makes YOU Unique
Give your readers something they can’t get anywhere else!

Content Strategies: Curating vs. Creating
Which strategy is right for you?

It Doesn't Have to be About You
Giving value doesn’t have to be about what you can do for your target market.

Content Creation (Wrap-up)
Includes links to all of our content creation blog posts.

eNewsletter Strategy

Your Goals Shape Your Content
Pick 2-3 goals to specifically focus on - then match your content to those goals.

The Outrageously Simple Formula for eNewsletter Success
What’s in it for your audience? Who are your readers and what would be useful to them?

Don't Dilute Your Message
Your newsletter won't WOW your readers if your message and style are watered down.

Research to Develop your Content Strategy
Activities to do regularly to develop your content strategy and keep it current.

9 Ways to Personalize Your Newsletter
How to make your newsletter more personal and distinct.

Your Reader's Experience
Put yourself in your potential subscriber’s shoes.

How to Write the Introduction to Your First Newsletter
This is where you set up expectations about the value you'll provide.

Twitter Posts for Promoting Your Newsletter
Excel spreadsheet

Other Marketing

Event Marketing Planner
This makes it easy for you to plan the details of your event, plus share it with those who will help you promote. (.doc file)

Workbook - Branding 101
Before you start any marketing, this is what you need to have a handle on. (.pdf file)

Brand Audit Checklist
It's a good idea to audit all of your marketing collateral at least yearly, checking for consistency. Print and use it to track your progress. (.pdf file)


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