Thanks to our busy clients who have taken the time to write about their experiences working with us.

Awesome to work with! Linda took my idea for a business and website and took it to the next level. What I was saying in words, she did with the visual website, creating an appealing experience that will attract customers and guide them to booking their first meeting with Write Now! with Jon Tattrie. Linda will be your new 'best friend' as she makes the internet work for you.
- Jon Tattrie, Write Now with Jon Tattrie

I now question why I struggled all these years trying to incorporate all of my marketing needs - when it truly was just as simple as contacting Linda. She knows all the right angles, all the right wording and all the right combinations. She takes care of everything, while you do what you do best to make your business the greatest it can be.
- Holly Poole

Daley Progress is an awesome company providing excellent marketing assistance. Linda helps me with my website, blog, Facebook, and Instagram marketing. Actually, that's not right - she doesn't help me...she takes care of everything!!! She offers advice and lets me ask questions in order to make informed decisions regarding my marketing choices when appropriate. Linda really has become a part of my team! I can't imagine doing any of this without her. I will continue to refer business to her and use her services without reservations!
- Kimberly Vallance, Life in the Craft Room

I am so happy with Linda's service. She has helped me get clarity around marketing and website needs, and I am extremely happy with how she set up my social media, newsletter and website to reflect what I do in such a lovely way. I am super excited with my new website. It is inviting and clearly presented and helps users navigate easily through the site. Linda is a delight to work with!
- Georgia Barnwell, Energy for Transformation

You took me from dread to being excited about my marketing again.
- Nadine Wentzell Consulting Inc.

Working with Linda Daley has given me and my business a huge boost in terms of visibility online and through my website. It has resulted in more sales since the beginning of the project than I have experienced in my six years in business. Linda helped me to set up systems and processes for my online shop and social media platforms as well as for my subscription service that I can maintain on my own going forward. Having this support has already enabled my business to grow.
- Meryl Cook Engagement by Design

Linda is wonderful to work with! She is extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand where I can gain more customers as well as make my website user-friendly. She listened to my ideas and implemented them. I highly recommend Linda, she is a great asset to have when building your business to the next level!
- Susan Saucier, Spiritual Life Coach

Linda knows her stuff! She is so professional but friendly and easy to reach out to!
- Karen Chase, Sugar Free Quilts

I don't know how I managed without Linda before I hired her. Initially I thought I couldn't afford to hire someone to manage my newsletters. Now I know I can't afford to be without her! I initially found it difficult for me to delegate this task to Linda but now I trust her explicitly. Best investment I made in a long time! Linda has helped me to grow my list into something really valuable and significant. 🙂
- Ann Perry Numerologist

I've known Linda for many years and have recently had the pleasure of working with her. She's always full of ideas, great to brainstorm with about newsletter content and was open to figuring out the details of a complicated newsletter system that I was determined to make work. All in all, more than pleased with Linda's assistance in switching newsletter platforms and getting up and running. Thanks for bending your brain to figure everything out!
- Shari Tucker, Love the Way You Travel

Linda is fantastic with taking existing marketing content and revamping it into more diverse channels. Whenever we have a marketing session together, I always leave inspired, thinking more critically about what I'm trying to achieve to reach my audience. My business wouldn't be the same without her!
- Alison Knott, Alison K Consulting

If you are looking for an engaging newsletter for your organization, you should definitely contact Linda Daley today. From our very first meeting, Linda listened to everything we brought forward and exceeded our expectations. She was able to provide helpful advice and work in quick turnarounds. Linda developed a strategy and template for our new monthly e-newsletter to make it sustainable and easy for us to continue year-round. She was such a pleasure to work with and we cannot sing Linda's praises enough. Thank you, Linda!!
- Taylor Mundy, NS SPCA

Linda is the big reason that this year I'm hitting my blogging and newsletter goals. I've been working with Linda for almost a year now. She helps me with reminders to get my blog written, uploads it to my site and helps me tweak it to refine it in good ways. She also introduced me to a great newsletter app, sets that up for me monthly, handling all the details involved and adding her creative touch. It's great to be able to write and have the knowledge that Linda's there to hold me accountable to my own goals and handle the mechanics so I don't have to.
- Rebecca Haugh, LoveThatRebecca.com

I absolutely love working with Linda. She’s able to see opportunities and ways to improve my business that were blind spots for me. Initially, I just wanted some short-term help, but as time passed I realized how valuable she is and that I must keep her! She keeps me organized and on time with deadlines and reminders (so helpful when you are the boss and don’t have someone to report to!) and she is truly a kind, caring person. So glad our paths have crossed!
- Carli Jeffrey, Your Brilliant Mind

A few years back, I had the pleasure to attend a workshop with Linda about creating content for my blog. Her advice has stayed with me and I'm still keeping it at the forefront of every blog I write. Since then Linda has always been there when I needed advice or a new inspiration. She is the kind of person that always over-delivers with a supportive word or two (smile). Thank you Linda for all your support over the years.
- Jacqueline Steudler, Art Therapist, Artist

I pushed the Send button on my newsletter yesterday afternoon, and have a 10% click rate and 49% open rate (so far). I am thrilled. Now to keep up the good work! Thank you for your help in giving me the push to get this done.
- Lisa J Olie, Manager, Liquid Assets NS

You're sooooo knowledgeable - we're very lucky to have you teach our class.
- Susan Edwards, Medical Tourism Specialist, Travel Trend Tours

Linda takes away many of the worries about doing a newsletter. With her expertise, I was able to build a large starting distribution list. Then she takes care of all the technical and design elements so I can focus on content. It's such a relief! And, I've received lots of positive feedback!
- Katherine Roberts, Essence Communications

Linda and her company, Daley Progress, have helped me take my business' presentation style to a new level. My email marketing is elevated and beautiful thanks to her expertise, know-how, and finesse. I am grateful to have Linda Daley in my corner! You definitely want to add her to your team and into your marketing plans!
- Natasha Marchewka, Voice Presentations Ltd.

When I entered the nomination race, I needed a website done as quickly and professionally as possible. I knew Daley Progress did enewsletters but, when I found out they did web design too, it was an obvious decision. Linda made what could have been a daunting exercise, an exciting and pleasant experience. After listening to what I needed, her vision of the site, text editing, and suggestions were all professionally executed. It was such a relief to have my 'message to the world' in such capable hands. I would not hesitate to recommend Daley Progress for any of the services they offer. Absolutely top shelf!
- Derek Hawes, Liberal nomination candidate for Dartmouth East

Adding a newsletter to my other forms of promotion gave me direct access to people whom I normally wouldn't have access to. I've received positive feedback on its professional look, and I think that influences if people opt to continue to receive it. Linda is great to work with and, as a client, I get access to her personal help and lots of resources. Linda truly wants you to have the best newsletter possible.
- Janet MacDonald, mycampusGPS Education Consulting

Linda and I have "met" on social media and I receive her newsletter on small business every month. I invited her to come into my business office and explain to myself, and my General Manager, what expectations were required to set up an internal newsletter. Linda is professional and on time with her asks for content. She provided us with a newsletter that informs our clients and is also a fun read.
- Tara MacDonald, Tara MacDonald Fit Club

Linda Daley of Daley Progress has breathed new life into our clinic's enewsletter. Her expertise in the field of marketing, and specifically with what engages people in an enewletter, has clarified for me what I should be focussing on with content, making writing a less daunting, more exciting and creative task each month. We've noticed an increase in subscription rates and more comments (all positive) have come in regarding the newsletter's content, appearance and overall vibe. Linking the newsletter to our blog and Facebook page has also increased readership and, I believe, gives potential new patients/clients a better understanding of what we do and how we do it, creating interest in our work, and ultimately the opportunity to help more people who could benefit from our care (i.e., new business).
- Dr. Erin Kempt-Sutherland, Choice Health Centre

Linda has been a great help in creating an awesome styled newsletter that our readers respond positively to. She is organized, well structured, on time and pays attention to detail.
- Megs Padiachy, Ramilas Healing Arts Clinic

I knew a newsletter was something I had to do in order to stay current with my clientele and demonstrate my ongoing professionalism. However, I had no idea where to begin! Linda was incredible at pulling together the information and producing the type of high quality newsletter which I envisioned from the start. The client feedback has been terrific. I consider her a part of my marketing team and I look forward to our continued business relationship. Thank you Linda!
- John Stregger, Discovery Wealth Management

Linda understands women and she especially understands the needs of adult educators. When it came to newsletters, I was about as green as a person could be. Linda made learning easy by providing support at every stage. She went on to revise and update my website so that it captured my new brand. Linda is creative, hardworking, funny and especially gifted when it comes to online marketing.
- Debbie Adams, PeopleCan Training and Development

It was a pleasure working with Linda on my newsletter. I wanted to delve into email marketing, but didn't know where to start when someone referred me to Linda. She did a great job on my newsletter... I received lots of positive feedback on it! She made it all very easy; this was a task I am glad I didn't try to do all on my own, it was so worth it to hire her to help.
- Glenna M. Campbell Law Inc.

Linda was instrumental in helping with the development of a professional newsletter for my business. Sharing her ideas and expertise allowed for the creation of a newsletter for my business that was designed to inform and educate my client base about my business and the industry as a whole. Linda was wonderful to work with, on top of everything and produced a product I am proud to share.
- Michelle Carter, Willow Esthetics Boutique

I found Linda at Daley Progress to be very professional and organized. Her knowledge on the newsletter format is second to none. Work was completed on time and the final product is very impressive. I highly recommend you at least talk to her to see if the newsletter format can increase your brand or sales.
- Roy Lounsbury

From the moment that I signed on with Daley Progress, Linda has been dedicated to helping me produce the newsletter that I want. She is warm and personable to work with, and offers an exceptional customer service experience.
- Kate MacLeod, Halifax Headshots Photography

Working with Linda Daley at Daley Progress Inc. makes my life so much simpler. Since I've been working with her I haven't missed a newsletter deadline, my website is up to date and my image is consistent across all of the social media sites. I love working with her!
- Lea Brovedani

I am an ideas person, so implementation is always more of a challenge. Linda helped me move from the idea of having an e-newsletter to actually having one in a seamless and expert way. The experience and the feedback has been great.
- Corinne Boudreau, Two Certainties Law

I just released my first enewsletter with Daley Progress. The whole experience was very positive. Linda met with me to guide me through setting up my first newsletter and worked with my website developer to manage the transition. I have been very pleased with the response to my first issue. I had a phenomenal open rate, and the newsletter resulted in many patients contacting me for further assistance and lots of information shared with friends and family - just what I had been hoping for.
- Meryl Cook

Making the decision to use Daley Progress to manage our newsletter is one of my best decisions. They have made mystery into simple and amateur into highly professional. Daley Progress makes everything easy.
- Barry Braun, Women Reshaping the World

Daley Progress created a newsletter giving our business more coverage and keeping our customers informed of up coming sales and promotions. I highly recommend them to other small business owners who need a newsletter or website because they really listen to your needs and always do what they say they are going to do. Thank you, Daley Progress!
- Val Daku, Windsor Plywood Regina

I met Danielle and Linda at a seminar about enewsletters and I knew almost instantly that these were women with whom I could do business. Shortly after the seminar, Danielle and I got together at our store and she had an immediate grasp of what it was I wanted. In fact, I think she knew more of what I needed than I did. I found Daley Progress easy to work with, full of great ideas, and I loved that they 'cut to the chase'. They delivered what they promised and more. They have taken so much stress out of my life. I know that my newsletter will go out on time and that it will look great. Thanks Linda and Danielle!
- Heike Doerksen, The Wine Cellar

Working with Daley Progress was easy. I explained my need, budget and timeline and they were able to produce a newsletter that exceeded my expectations. Linda's ideas are fresh, practical and completely reflective of my organization.
- Cora Cole, Move the Median Business Consulting & Coaching

This was our first online campaign for an event and the response was awesome! We were very pleased with the number of online registrations we received for Spring Into Growing. Thank you, Daley Progress, for helping us fill this event. Everyone had a great time.
- Spring Into Growing Committee, Regina Horticultural Society

Boy, oh boy, you can make something out of nothing!
- Liz Cunningham, Tess Restaurant

Linda was recommended to me by a very satisfied client of hers. I was finding it time consuming to create a newsletter and now Daley Progress helps me put forward a more concise message, takes care of my contacts for mailing, makes the process very fluid for me, and has given me back my time. Her helpful insights and knowledge of the process provides me confidence that all is well.
- Lynne Smith, LifeSmith Coaching

my first newsletter was a great success and I have received lots of response and, hopefully, lots of new customers. Your business ideas, suggestions, designs, and your commitment to quality and reliability are first class. It is a pleasure to work with you and have you 'on our side'. Thanks for everything and for going the extra mile.
- Pat Sims, From a Distance Publishing

Thanks for your GREAT work getting my newsletter up and running. Appreciate it!
- Jay Palter, Jay Palter Social Advisory

When my brand got an overhaul, my newsletter needed a facelift too! Daley Progress swung into action, practically read my mind and came up with something fresh that went perfectly with the new look of my brand. Not only did I love it, but my readership loved it too. Lots of comments and conversation came from the new look!
- Stephanie Holmes-Winton, The Money Finder

I have been extremely happy with the help Daley Progress has given me in getting a newsletter started and to my clients via email. I have wanted to do this for some time but always found the task too complicated. Linda made it simple and helped me with content as well as implementation. I am getting rave reviews and feedback from my customers who read it. I highly recommend Daley Progress.
- Carolyn Judd, Cole Harbour Physio & Rehab Centre

Following recommendations from others and having seen the newsletters produced by Daley Progress, I asked them to produce my new series of newsletters. What a pleasurable and cost effective process it has been. Linda's technical and editorial expertise is extremely good and I'm delighted with the results. I thoroughly recommend Daley Progress!
- Michele Faulkner, Faulkner Recruitment

Daley Progress is fantastic at event promotion. They have provided dedicated, ingenious support to me in my email/social media campaigns. I beyond highly recommend their services to any organization that wants to promote its events successfully.
- Brenda Fay, BrenDaniel Productions

Linda was a delight to work with on the release of my new newsletter - The Black Star Minute. She was able to develop a template that matched my branding and conveyed my message in the concise manner I wanted. Her attention to detail and the way she made it easy for me to manage the contacts and the whole process was awesome. Don't waste your time trying to do it yourself... hire Daley Progress!
- Wendy Brookhouse, Black Star Wealth Partners

I am pleased to recommend Daley Progress Inc. We are new clients of theirs and they are helping us with an extra boost in our market place that will help us take our business to a new level for 2013. Daley Progress comes to us highly recommended and I was already receiving a number of enewsletters they are providing for other local businesses, which I was impressed with. Linda is great fun to work with and Daley Progress provides an excellent and affordable service.
- Bruce MacFarlane, Made In The Shade Blinds and More

Daley Progress came highly recommended to me and they did not disappoint. Linda was able to guide me through the process of developing a newsletter in a timely and cost-efficient manner. She is very organized which helped me stay on track to meet my deadlines. My first newsletter turned out great with lots of positive feedback. Daley Progress will continue to work with me on future editions of my newsletter.
- Norma Laflamme

Just a quick note to thank you so much for all the work you have done and the help you have given me in regards to the newsletter and the website. They both look fantastic, exactly the way they were in my head!!
- Brenda Klarer, Wascana Remedial Massage Centre

I don't have enough words of gratitude and description to express how valuable Danielle and Linda have been to all of us involved in the process of creating a speedy and professional event website and marketing/communications campaign for the 'Breakfast with Debbie Travis' event presented by our non-profit Regina Women's Network.
- Bonnie Martel

Linda took time to set up a newsletter that matched the branding already in place for my web site, blog and Twitter page. She then put together a tailor-made package that serves my readership while making it easy for me to forge ahead with future newsletters. Linda also had helpful statistics on best times to launch my newsletter. Her excitement about my project gave a real sense of partnership as we worked together.
- Julia Phillips Smith, Author

Danielle and Linda were very helpful in mapping out the steps and guiding me through the process of creating a newsletter template. As a deadline oriented person, their service of monthly accountability will ensure I keep my informational marketing efforts progressing forward!
- Lisa Holden Rovers, Workplace Matters

Linda Daley of Daley Progress is a true professional. Her knowledge of online newsletters, her creative skill and the flexibility allowed with content have been of huge benefit to my business. Linda has been instrumental in getting my e-newsletter created and distributed looking good, easy to read and on time. Every month I get positive feedback on the newsletter, as well as direct business from it. Thank you Daley Progress!
- Melanie Orr, Interiors by Melanie

We were sending out mass emails with so many of them being not delivered and were not sure just how to fix this problem. With the help of Danielle at Daley Progress, we now can send out our emails. You have been so patient with us (on our lack of computer knowledge) in showing us how our company can grow even more. The feedback that we have received is all positive and everyone likes our new look.
- Linda Ennis, Transitions Estate Services Inc.

I am so delighted I met Danielle and got a better sense of how to add value to my market through a newsletter. Prior to that it was an idea that was undeveloped, and through working with her and Linda I was better able to clarify the vision I had, and make it even better due to their insights. I have already recommended their services to others and will continue to do. The response from my client base has been very positive as well. Thank you ladies for sharing your expertise and talents!
- Jill Poulton, Destination by Design

Daley Progress has given us a platform to reach our membership in a format that is attractive, compelling, clear and concise. We followed their recommendations and guidance on content, and distribution. Now we have a newsletter to be proud of. We are now reaching out to our membership every month. Thank you Danielle and Daley Progress.
- Ken MacDonald, Regina Horticultural Society

I can't thank you enough! Creating a newsletter would have been on my to do list months from now if it weren't for you. You were able to simplify the process for me and format the newsletter in a way that makes it fun for others to read. Your design really allows the content to shine through. I'm sure that because of your fresh approach that I received such a high open rate for my very first newsletter of 58%. After working with you, creating a newsletter every month has moved from the "chore" pile to the "fun" pile on my desk. You and your team have been great to work with. Thanks again for creating the avenue for me to inspire people to create more functional and beautiful homes!
- Wendy Monaghan, Link Interiors

We're so pleased with the results of our first newsletter. Linda took our idea from initial concept to completion with ease and the results exceeded our expectations. We were so impressed with the quality of the content and the format of our newsletter. We had a direct response within an hour of the release. Thank you Linda for the easiest, most cost-effective marketing we've ever done!
- Lorelei Burgess, Oxford Learning

I hired Linda to design our newsletter for Wired Flare. I'm so happy with the results. Her designs are an extension of our brand, and the overall result is engaging and effective. Linda is an expert at what she does, and she was very easy to work with, even for a perfectionist like myself. She's definitely the go-to-person for everything related to Newsletters! Thanks, Linda, for a fantastic job!.
- Frances Leary, Wired Flare

Linda has created enewsletters for us that reflect our values and contain useful content for our customers. This has been a great addition to our existing online presence. Linda is organized, professional, reliable and fun to work with. We would highly recommend Daley Progress to friends and colleagues!
- Mary Jane & Charlie Aubie, Speedpro Nova Scotia

The Phone Lady would be a bit lost without Linda and Daley Progress. I can 100% rely on her creativity, her ability to understand my company, her in-depth knowledge and love of research, her reliability. Linda is my "go to" person for many, many aspects of my communication strategy. I can count on Linda's judgment and working with her is a complete joy.
- Mary Jane Copps, The Phone Lady

Emarketing has been on my “to do list” for eons. I finally just handed it over to Linda. I chose the content and objectives and Linda pulled it all together. The first e-letter I sent generated thousands of $ in closed business and thousands more in the pipeline in the first month. Procrastination – what a killer! Emarketing – what a generator!
- Debi Hartlen MacDonald, New Life Business Solutions

Linda's work is professional and punctual. She asks questions to ensure she's focusing in on what's important to meet my needs and expectations. She is very thorough in her approach and has exceptional research skills. She has a way of writing that is logical and gets to the heart of the matter in a way that anyone can understand. It's been my pleasure to know her as a colleague and access her as a resource in my work.
- Nadine Wentzell, Nadine Wentzell Consulting Inc.

I am extremely happy with Linda's work. She has the ability to take an idea and turn it into reality. The business advice along with the development of marketing materials and presentations are second to none. She is very personable and easy to work with. Great attention to detail. She makes you feel like you are her most important client. I would highly recommend Daley Progress.
- Lori MacDonald, MassagEd

We needed some business support in a hurry and Linda was the perfect person in a crunch. And she went the extra mile in everything she did - offering suggestions that really helped the quality of the finished product. We'll be using Daley Progress again.
- Neil Everton, Podium Media & Communications Coaching

My business partner and I were very pleased with Linda's services. She met all timelines and requested duties. She was always pleasant to work with and she did a great job with our website. She also provided excellent follow up.
- Patti Card, Harbourside Rehabilitation Solutions

Linda has constructed a website for me that I am very pleased with. Her expertise in this area was essential to me and my business. From the initial phone call to completion of the job, Linda has been so pleasant, professional and insightful. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and will continue to do so.
- Tracy Cameron, Opal Interiors

Linda was referred to me and came with a very high recommendation. I am really pleased to say that the recommendation was well deserved and Linda delivered superior results. Linda helped me finish my website and created marketing materials for me to leave with clients. She did this under a real time crunch although the materials she developed were amazing and certainly looked like months had been spent creating them rather than the few days she had. Without hesitation, I would recommend Linda to anyone who wants to hire a talented and hard working support specialist.
- Lea Brovedani, Professional Speaker

With very little time available, Linda helped me get a 25 page proposal prepared and submitted on time. Her calm demeanour and attention to detail under pressure plus the great tables she produced all led to an excellent proposal, far better than I thought we could do in a few days.
- Eileen Pease, Dynamic Learning Inc.

Linda has changed my life. Her experience and expertise in her field has brought me to new levels I wasn't certain I was able to accomplish. All you need is an expert who takes the time to get know you and understand how to move you forward. Linda placed me first. She applied my skill to her years of knowledge and trust in a methodology that has proven itself again and again. And it has. Linda has provided sound advice and applications on how to advance a sales cycle and has revised my presentations that impact my prospects on an emotional level and make me a winner!! Hats off Linda! Thank you for being you!
- Dana Mills, International SOS

Linda has the ability to engage the clients, answer all their questions and give very good examples to get the workshop message across in a more effective way. She was able to talk about computers and their fit into the task of organization. Linda was great we really enjoyed her presentation; it was both personable and professional.
- Jennifer O'Quinn, Immigrant Settlement & Integration Services

I am pleased to have worked with Linda on a number of projects and I am sure to use her services again. Linda always has the job done well before I expect it and always has a keen eye for the details and suggestions. She is efficient and cost effective and fun to work with. Always very upbeat and personable.
- Liz Ingram-Chambers, Quality Inn & Suites Halifax & Quality Inn Halifax Airport

Working with Linda is a must if you are looking for smart, approachable, and accountable branding support! Linda met my business needs while I concentrated on my core coaching business. Now that's a win-win! Thanks for doing what you do Linda!
- Shelley Cox, ShelleyCox.ca

I have worked with Linda for years and know first hand that she is extraordinary! Her natural ability with the technology needed in today's work place always amazes me, particularly when it comes to organizing and designing graphic layouts of such essentials as brochures, business cards and websites. She has an outstanding level of professionalism, which allows her to easily produce high quality work for a diverse group of clients. It is always a pleasure to work with her, not only because of her friendliness, but also because I know she will produce superior results. Peace of mind, like that, is hard to come by.
- Christina MacLean, HHELLPS

Linda is a great help to me in designing my marketing materials and my workshop handouts. She takes my mess and makes it look professional, at a reasonable cost.
- Debi Peverill CA, Peverill & Associates

Linda was an absolute blessing to find! As a busy entrepreneur I was juggling too many balls at once. Linda stepped in, picked up a ball and ran with it. I know I can count on her to deliver and to keep me on track with my projects. I highly recommend Linda to any over-stretched business owner.
- Sylvia Scott, Sylvia's Home Healthcare Services Ltd.

Working with Linda was great. She was very responsive to my needs and the end result, a new website and business cards, exceeded my expectations. I absolutely recommend you hire her for your next project... you will not be disappointed.
- Gary Kelly, Voice of the Client

I've hired Linda to take over our monthly newsletters. I have not had much success with them in the past. From the word "go" Linda was all over the project, guiding me through strategy and making suggestions for format and content. I'm just thrilled with the response so far from our first newsletter. I've had numerous interactions from it with recipients and about 25 new Likes in the first day on our Facebook page with people commenting and asking questions. I also sold a pair of shoes today because of the newsletter. Way to go Linda!! I am looking forward to our next newsletter. You make it so easy for me!
- Karey Fleming, HealthWalks

As a small business owner, there comes a time when you know you just can't do it all. And that you just don't have the strengths in all areas of business to do it all effectively. I needed help getting set up on e-communication and hired Linda Daley from Daley Progress to help me get set-up to send out monthly Newsletters. Linda not only created a great looking newsletter that I am exceptionally proud of, she also walked me through each step of the process and made me feel much more at ease and informed about how to go about designing a newsletter of value for my customers. She is very knowledgeable, dedicated and very thorough. She delivers a quality service in a very timely manner and I know that I would hire her again for future initiatives. Thanks Linda for all of your support. I truly enjoyed working with you!
- Kay Whitham, Tutor Doctor

Linda did some work for me on short notice and I was extremely impressed by how quickly she got back to me with exactly what I needed. If you are looking for great work with timely delivery I suggest you talk to Linda.
- Richard Fleming, R. Fleming Consulting

Linda helped me build a strategy and create my e-newsletter. She is creative and thinks outside the box. It didn't take her long to implement what I was looking for. I was struggling with design and material. Linda was able to take my thoughts and build on them. It was fantastic working with Linda!
- Angie Garnier, Royal LePage Realtor

Linda took something I was dreading spending way too much time on, and made it into an easy and positive experience. Her creativity was key because, as a photographer, I needed a newsletter design that was visually interesting. Boy did she deliver! This new method of reaching not only my current clients, but also my potential clients is really enhancing my brand recognition and establishing me as an expert in my field. I will definitely be recommending her to my friends, because I know she will take great care of them from concept to finished product.
- Rebecca Clarke, Photographer, www.RebeccaClarke.ca

I have always been the type to want to do it myself to get it done right. When I met Linda and found out what she could do for my company, I let go the reins and gave her a project. She was very quick to respond, very creative in her ideas, understood my expectations well and got the job done. She did such a great job, I have been giving her more ever since. This allows me time to work on my company and not in it. I highly recommend Linda to anyone who needs help getting newsletters started or just needs some coaching in the right direction.
- Cathy Cornelius, Coral Business Communications Inc.

Linda continuously over delivered. I cannot recommend her highly enough - her work is remarkable.
- Linda Alexander, Red Tent

Linda has done an amazing job with my newsletter. She offers the right balance between allowing me to be authentic and provide my own content while helping me in the places where I need it most...putting things together. I know I can rely on Linda and I would highly recommend her newsletter services!
- Stephanie Holmes-Winton, The Money Finder

Working with Linda is like a gift that keeps on giving. She has the innate ability to quickly understand what you are thinking, and turns your concepts and ideas into tangible and professional results. Her newsletters manage to convey your message with energy, passion and flair. If you haven't worked with Linda yet, you are missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. Her rates are affordable, her results are professional, she meets your deadlines and if there is any chance that won't happen you will be the first to know. Give her a call and see for yourself.
- Mary Morrison, Entrepreneur/Coach/Consultant

As a professional communicator, I thought I knew everything I needed to build my own e-newsletter for Twirp Communications. Linda ever so politely showed me that I was wrong! Her immense knowledge for every aspect of e-news design, writing, integration and implementation was incredibly helpful. She read through several drafts and sent many suggestions for improvement and even logged in to make some of the changes I couldn't get to work. With her help my newsletter debuted with an impressive 34% open rate. I have already recommended Linda's service to clients and will continue to recommend her enthusiastically.
- Anita Hovey, Twirp Communications

Writing a recommendation for Linda Daley is a pleasure! She has just completed the redesign of my website and I am very happy with the results. Linda was great to work with, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, and patient. As the owner of an interior decorating business, a sharp, professional-looking, and easily-navigated website is most important in showcasing my work and my business. Linda definitely came through on all counts. Thanks Linda!
- Eileen Crowley Couse, Emerald Interiors

I had been looking for a solution for producing a monthly newsletter for a while. I knew I could write the content but I did not have the time or patience to work through the technical and creative challenges of producing the newsletter every month. Linda has been able to develop and deliver my content in a very professional format that reflects the essence of my business. The newsletter has been a very effective tool to position me as an expert, develop new relationships and re-enenrgize existing ones.
- Peter Chapman, GPS Business Solutions

We hired Linda last year to help us with our newsletters. We were getting busy and really wanted to add value for our clients and keep them informed. Linda and her team set us up quickly and efficiently. They created our very own personalized newsletter template which looks fabulous! Best part is...our clients write in, comment and share our newsletters and tell us how informative and useful the information is. We cannot take all the credit! Linda and her team have helped us all the way. Our social media has dramatically increased with followers and likes and shares! Thanks Daley Progress! You make us look good!
- Pat Currie, M.E.F.Y. Gifts

I hired Linda to help me completely revise my e-newsletter. She was highly organized, asked great questions to understand my needs and my brand, and delivered a fantastic final product. Linda was a delight to work with, was consistently pleasant and open to questions, and delivered terrific value for my investment!
- Gail Godreau, Lighthouse Wellness

I have been working with Linda at Daley Progress Inc. for about 6 months. Since then our business has created and launched monthly professional newsletters that our clients are thrilled to receive. Our designed newsletter is definitely a way to stay constantly connected with our clients and to provide them with pertinent information. Daley Progress has helped us to reach our goal to create a strong online presence. Linda is extremely organized, professional and knows her stuff. Daley Progress really makes my job easier.
- Céline Burlock, Health Basket

Your newsletter is the best I receive – and I receive many! The fresh content and spin you and your contributors put on topics and concepts we may have seen before not only makes the info stick, it motivates me to act. Thank you for making a difference in my perspective and my business.
- Heather MacAulay, My Generation

Your newsletters are wonderful! I thought you might appreciate knowing how much I enjoy reading them. They are full of great tips and information that is very interesting. There are a lot of newsletters out there and daily inspiration emails and I am guilty of signing up for more that I should. So many of them I just ignore as the day seems too busy to take the time to read them. However, your “Work Better, Not Harder” gets opened almost every time you send it. It is a very good newsletter. Congratulations!!
- Ann Lockhart, T David Stirling

Thank you so much Linda for the wealth of information that you shared in the Online Communication course. I learned so much new information about how to market my business online, who my target market is and how to reach them. I left your class with great list of resources for all of my online communication with clients.
- Janette Lockyer, Self employed Bookkeeper

I took a training course from Linda. She is very effective at gearing the subject matter to her students to ensure they all benefit. Linda is always ready to help and her teaching style down to earth and approachable. Highly recommended.
- Tim Dittmer, True inSite Web Design

Your classes were full of pertinent materials, and the ‘take-home’ tools you gave us in different areas of your program are just what I needed to get organized. I especially enjoyed the way you taught us to “save a dollar” by getting to the point when writing a sentence. If you are looking for in-depth knowledge about online marketing, see Linda!
- Lynne Smith, LifeSmith Coaching

Linda is an excellent communicator with a flair for teaching. I have taken her 11 week on-line training course, and I must say it was extremely informative and the classes were lively. I learned so much from her. She made the information interesting and she was energetic and funny! I would highly recommend her as a teacher, and public speaker. Thank you Linda - for such a good experience.
- Valerie Van Spengen

I totally appreciated Linda's course on Social Media and marketing your business. Linda provided a wealth of practical information and wisdom. Linda's is a warm and engaging facilitator. Highly recommend Linda!
- Wendy Knowles, Responsive Leadership and Barrett Values Consultant

Linda introduced us to some great tips and inexpensive tools to create and use graphics for online marketing. We’re not experts yet but we’re pretty excited about the professional quality of the content we’re now able to produce.
- Alison O’Handley, Executive Director, Dartmouth Learning Network